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New Brunswick Association Of Medical Radiation Technologists (NBAMRT)


General Registration

Full Practice

Full practice registrants shall include those persons who are certified for full practice by the CAMRT and pay full practice dues. Full practice registrants must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 500 hours of practice in each certified discipline through employment as a MRT within the last five years. Registrants shall only practice Medical Radiation Technology in the discipline(s) in which they are certified by the CAMRT. Registrants must be registered with the CAMRT and the NBAMRT and working in an ethical manner.

Temporary Practice

Temporary practice registrants may be available to Graduates of CMA accredited MRT training programs. A temporary registrant will be issued for a duration of 6 weeks and may commence the day after the graduate writes the National Certification Exam.


NBAMRT registrants, who are certified for full practice by the CAMRT, but have temporarily or permanently discontinued practicing their profession and are paying non-practicing dues.

Non-Practicing registration may be offered to Medical Sonographers who are certified as MRTs with the CAMRT, but are not currently eligible to practice in one of the regulated disciplines of the NBAMRT.


This category of registration is available to MRT’s  who have been a NBAMRT member for 30 or more years, or has reached the age of 55 years old, whichever occurs first, and who is no longer directly or indirectly involved in the practice of the profession of medical radiation technology.


Student registration is offered to students enrolled in a CMA accredited Medical Radiation Technology Program in the province of NB.

Relevant Forms 

Distinguished Registration


Elected by the Executive, these registrants are persons who have rendered outstanding and distinguished service to the Association as Medical Radiation Technologists. There shall be no more than 2 life registrants at any time.

Honorary Life 

Elected by the Executive, these registrants are persons who are not otherwise eligible for registration in the Association and have rendered distinguished service to the Profession and/or Medical Radiation Sciences and their applications.