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New Brunswick Association Of Medical Radiation Technologists (NBAMRT)


On March 15, 1940, two resolutions were adopted at an organizational meeting held at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Saint John:

  1. That a Society of X-ray Technicians be formed in New Brunswick. And
  2. That the name be “The New Brunswick Society of X-ray Technicians.”

The New Brunswick Society of X-ray Technicians became incorporated in 1958 as “The Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians, New Brunswick Division” under the New Brunswick Companies Act.  Prince Edward Island was a branch of the society from 1963-1982.

In 1981, the Act was amended to change the name to the “Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists New Brunswick Division”.

In May 2004, the Medical Radiation Technologists Act received Royal Assent incorporating the Association as the “New Brunswick Association of Medical Radiation Technologists” (NBAMRT). The NBAMRT is a Provincial Member Association (PMA) of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists.


In 1944, a motto was adopted – “NON NOBIS SED OMNIBUS”- “NOT FOR OURSELVES, BUT FOR OTHERS”.


Designed in 1988, it depicts a line diagram of the province of New Brunswick on which is superimposed three (3) electron orbits, depicting the disciplines of Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. A band surrounds the logo with “CAMRT NB Div./ACTRM Div. du N-B” written therein. The motto is written in Latin in a separate banner at the base of the logo.

In 2004 the band surrounding the logo was modified for the new name “NBAMRT / ATRMNB”.

Since all registrants of the New Brunswick Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (NBAMRT) are registered with both the Provincial Member Association (NBAMRT) and with the National Association (CAMRT); as a result of this dual registration, the NBAMRT supports and adopts, for its registants, the CAMRT’s Code of Ethics as printed herein.